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Japanese printmaker

細密版画 雅徳


      gatoku - Japanese printmaker


    Born in Osaka, Japan

Raised in Osaka +Vancouve

Solo exhibition(permanent exhibition)

      2013 “ The first exhibition of Gatoku” / Mu・Kobe

2017-2022"The exhibition of Gatoku" / LCDB・Taipei

2018 "The exhibition of Gatoku" / uiii・Taipei

2022- "The exhibition of Gatoku" / 2969・Nara

Group exhibition(selected and prized)

    Nippon Hangain (Japan print academy)

     Exhibition of Japan print society

Japan print forum

     Print for peace, Mexico

    Lessedra world art print annual, Bulgaria

    Mini print International de Cadaques, Spain

    The BIMPE, Canada

UBC Okanagan, Canada

International Exlibris competition, Italy

Brest international print triennial, Macedonia

Int'l biennial of modern exlibris Malbork, Poland

int'l exhibition of exlibrisa, Serbia

Int'l print exhibition of Ryuben Karavelov, Bulgaria

Int'l exlibris competition Katwice, Poland

Dandare print workshop, Canada

Int'l print exhibition  Wingfield burnes, England

Int'l print exhibition Pineda del mar, Spain

Int'l exlibris exhibition Saint-Michiel, France

Int'l bookplate competition Trakai, Lituaniae

ex-member of : 

Japan print academy

Japan print society





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